Demos and Computer Facilities

Demonstration of R&D Projects and Products
  • The ADAMANT Project  ( Tuesday, May 11 - Friday, May 14 )

    The overall objective of ADAMANT is to provide a wireless-based intelligent communication and decision support system for transport and travellers. The approach is generic covering any mode of transport, although within the project it is limited to airports. The system will be capable of handling civilian emergency or crises situations.

    ADAMANT offers significant innovation, as it targets to air travellers throughout their journey, monitoring their progress against their plans. It, also, uses intelligence to provide guidance on the better management of the airport operation and offer alternative ways in making business transactions.

    Please click here for more Information
    ADAMANT Web-Site

  • The POLOS Project  ( Wednesday, May 12 , Afternoon)

Computer and Network Facilities
  • Broadband Internet connection of 2Mb/s
  • 4 APs providing Wi Fi access at all rooms of the conference
  • 10 PCs with wired connection to Internet running Windows XP (8 of them at room next to ERATO and 2 at Pandora II)