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Workshop Program: Friday May 6, 2005

Mathematical Modeling and Analysis of Computer Networks


Welcome and Information


Jang-Won Lee
Princeton University
"Implications to Network Utility Through Physical and Medium Access Layer Innovations"

Sanjay Shakkottai
University of Texas at Austin
"The Price of Anarchy in Min-Cost Multicast with Network Coding"

Randy Berry
Northwestern University
"Spectrum Sharing Games"

Asuman Ozdaglar
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Competition and Efficiency in Communication Networks"


Saswati Sarkar,
University of Pennsylvania
"Stochastic Control Problems in MAC Layer Wireless Multicast"

Roland Malhame
Ecole Polytechnique Montreal
"Optimal Scheduling of Data Transmission in Wireless Networks"

Edmund Yeh
Yale University
"Power Control, Rate Allocation, and Routing in Stochastic Wireless Networks"


George Kesidis
Penn State University
"Coupled Kermack-McKendrick Models for Randomly Scanning and Bandwith-Saturating Internet Worms"

Richard La
University of Maryland
"Providing Guaranteed Packet Loss Rate in Wireless Networks in the Presence of Random Interference"

R. Srikant
University of Illinois at Urbana Champagne
"Scheduling in Multihop Wireless Networks"


K. S. Srisankar
"QoS Provisioning in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks"

Ravi Mazumdar
Waterloo University
"Random Mobility Models in Ad Hoc Networks: Capacity and Delay Issues"

Michael Neely
University of Southern California
"Stochastic Control of Ad-Hoc Networks:  Delay, Energy, Fairness"

The Fields Institute

World Class Events: Telecommunications Challenges

08:30–10:30 Industrial Session 1

World Class Events - Telecommunication Challenges, Alex Iliadis, Athens 2004 Telecom Manager

Telecommunications at the Athens 2004 Summer Olympics, Yiannis Antoniadis, Olympic Games Telecommunications Command & Control Deputy Manager, OTE

10:30–10:45 Break


10:45–12:45 Industrial Session 2

Wireless Access Challenges: A World Class Events Industry Perspective, Aladdin Saleh, Associate Director, Bell Canada/Wireless Technology

Network Resiliency Design Considerations for World-Class Events, Robert Paterson, Manager of Network Dependability, Nortel Networks

Telecommunications for the Olympic Games Overview, Issues, & Challenges, Case Study: Athens 2004, Spilios Makris, Director Olympic Program, Telcordia 

12:45–14:00 Lunch 


14:00–15:00 Industrial Session 3

Delivering an Olympic Class Network in 2010, Justin Webb, Vice President Olympic Solutions, Bell Canada

15:00–15:40 Research Session

Adoption of Wireless Networking for Large-Scale Events, Heikki Hämmäinen, Jussi-Pekka Parkkari , Helsinki University of Technology, Bruno Marie-Rose, French Federation of Athletics, Kaj Flood, YLE - Finnish Broadcasting Company

Composite Radio and Enhanced service Delivery for World Class Events: QoS Challenges and the CREDO approach, D. Kouis, NTUA, P.Stathopoulos, NTUA, V.Tountopoulos, NTUA, N.Mitrou, NTUA, C.Skianis, NCSR 'Demokritos'

15:40–16:10 Panel Discussion

Justin Webb, Vice President Olympic Solutions, Bell Canada
Robert Paterson, Principal Reliability Engineer, Nortel Networks
Spilios Makris, Director Olympic Program, Telcordia
Yiannis Antoniadis, Olympic Games TCC Deputy Manager, OTE
Alex Iliadis, Athens 2004 Telecom Manager

16:10 Closing Remarks


Workshop Organizers:

Dr. Charalabos Skianis
Institute of Informatics and Telecommunications
National Center for Scientific Research 'Demokritos'
email: skianis at

Dr. Spilios Makris
Telcordia Technologies, Inc.
email: smakris at

Dr. Mike Devetsikiotis
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
North Carolina State University
email: mdevets at