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May 19-24 2002, Pisa - ITALY

conference program - 23rd may

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Session 6-1 - Internet Protocol (IP)

Session 6-2 - Queueing Models

Session 6-3 - Satellite Networks


Connection of extruded subnets : a solution based on RSIP, Cédric de Launois, Aurélien Bonnet, Marc Lobelle

Adjusted Probabilistic Packet Marking For IP Traceback, Tao Peng, Chris Leckie and Ramamohanarao Kotagiri

Tuning Delay Differentiation in IP Networks using Priority Queueing Models, P. Sousa, P. Carvalho and V. Freitas

QoS-Conditionalized Handoff for Mobile IPv6, Xiaoming Fu, Holger Karl and Cornelia Kappler

On Loss Probabilities in Presence of Redundant Packets with Random Drop, Parijat Dube, Omar Ait-Hellal, Eitan Altman

Performance analysis of a GI-G-1 preemptive resume priority buffer, Joris Walraevens, Bart Steyaert and Herwig Bruneel

Analysis of the discrete-time G^(G)/Geom/c queueing model, Sabine Wittevrongel, Herwig Bruneel and Bart Vinck

On a theory of interacting queues, A. Stepanenko, C. C. Constantinou, T. N. Arvanitis and K. Baughan

Analysis of A MAC Protocol for a Time-Code Air Interface in LEO Mobile Satellite Systems, Romano Fantacci, Giovanni Giambene

Performance Analysis of LEO Satellite Networks, A. Halim Zaim, Harry G. Perros, George N. Rouskas

Gateway Architecture for DVB-RCS Satellite Networks, Antonio Pietrabissa

Connection Admission Control CAC and Differentiated Resources Allocation RA in a Low Earth Orbit LEO Satellite Constellation, Samir Tohmé, Rima Abi Fadel


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Session 7-1 - Resource Allocation II

Session 7-2 - Performance of Optical Networks

Session 7-3 - Future Wireless Networks II


Dimensioning Bandwidth for Elastic Traffic, Zhong Fan

Fair Adaptive Bandwidth Allocation: A Rate Control Based Active Queue Management Discipline, Abhinav Kamra, Huzur Saran, Sandeep Sen, Rajeev Shorey

Distributed Scheduling via Pricing in a Communication Network, T. Heikkinen

A Simulation Study of Access Protocols for Optical Burst-Switched Ring Networks, Lisong Xu Harry G. Perros George N. Rouskas

Capacity Efficiency of Distributed Path Restoration Mechanisms in Optical Mesh Networks, Bart Rousseau and Fabrice Poppe

Helios: A Broadcast Optical Architecture, Ilia Baldine, Laura E. Jackson, George N. Rouskas

Service and Network Management Interworking in Future Wireless Systems, V.Tountopoulos, V.Stavroulaki, P.Demestichas, N.Mitrou, M.Theologou

Scheduling Differentiated Traffic in Multicarrier Unlicensed Systems, Giannis F. Marias, and Lazaros Merakos

A Simple Model for Calculating SIP Signalling Flows in 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystems, Alexander A. Kist, R.J. Harris




Invited Speaker: Gerald Maguire, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden

Personal Computing and Communication
(slide in pdf format - 1842Kb)


Session 8-1 - Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Session 8-2 - Networks Performance II

Session 8-3 - Multicasting II


Dynamic Online Routing Algorithm for MPLS Traffic Engineering, W. Szeto, R. Boutaba, and Y. Iraqi

Optimal Capacity Provisioning for Label Switched Paths in MPLS Networks, Carlo Bruni, Caterina Scoglio, Stefania Vergari

A New Class of On-Line Minimum-Interference Routing Algorithms, Ilias Iliadis and Daniel Bauer

Performance Analysis of Dynamic Lightpath Configuration for WDM Asymmetric Ring Networks, Takuji Tachibana and Shoji Kasahara

A Queueing Network Model for GSM/GPRS Cell with Multiple Service Classes, D. Kouvatsos, K. Al-Begain and I. Awan

Integrated multi-purposed testbed to characterize the performance of Internet access over Hybrid Fiber Coaxial access networks, Hung Nguyen Chan, Belen Carro Martinez , Rafa Mompo Gomez, Judith Redoli Granados

802.11 LANs: Saturation Throughput in the Presence of  Noise, Vladimir Vishnevsky and Andrey Lyakhov

Efficient simulation of blocking probabilities for multi-layer multicast streams, Jouni Karvo

Aggregated Multicast---A Comparative Study, Jun-Hong Cui, Jinkyu Kim, Dario Maggiorini, Khaled Boussetta and Mario Gerla

New Center Location Algorithms for Shared Multicast Trees, Young-Chul Shim

A multicast FCFS output queued switch without speedup, M.A. Bonuccelli and A. Urpi

Fault-Tolerant Support for Reliable Multicast in Mobile Wireless Systems, Giuseppe Anastasi, Alberto Bartoli, Flaminia L. Luccio


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