IFIP Networking May 2016

Internet of People - Workshop

The organizing committee of the IFIP Internet of People workshop is glad to welcome you to its first edition, which will be held on May 20th, 2016, in Vienna, Austria, co-located with IFIP Networking 2016.

The IoP workshop aims to stimulate research and aggregate an inter-disciplinary community of researchers around the concept of the Internet of People.

The massive penetration of Internet connectivity and devices with networking and computing capabilities (such as "things" and personal users' devices) is pushing a tighter and tighter convergence between the cyber world - of Internet protocols, services and Apps - and the physical world, with continuous interactions and mutual impact between these two worlds. According to an "anti-Copernican" view, humans are put back at the centre of the "Internet universe", whenever they are in the loop of cyber-world services. Applications, middlewares, but even Internet services and network protocols are more and more designed incorporating Human Individual and Social Behavioural (HISB) models.

This vision, that we call "the Internet of People" (IoP) generalises emerging concepts and technologies such as IoT, which put the emphasis on the communication between "machines", and adapt to the users' behaviour only as an afterthought. Designing IoP protocols, services and applications thus requires a profound inter-disciplinary approach, where "non-ICT disciplines" such as social sciences, cognitive sciences, economics, complex network sciences, impact the way Internet algorithms are conceived and defined.

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The IoP workshop is found at this URL: http://cnd.iit.cnr.it/iopw2016/

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