IFIP Networking May 2016

YuCCa – Yet ‘nother Cool Conference App

As an early adopter, IFIP NETWORKING 2016 Vienna will feature YuCCa, an especially designed new app platform with a strong focus on conference audience engagement. The app has been developed in the framework of a BSc thesis, building upon the principles of HCI rapid prototyping and iterative requirement analysis, and following a user-centric design approach.

As a key novelty and unique feature, YuCCa implements a recommendation system which builds upon your input during the “One Minute Madness” session where, right at the beginning of the conference, all scheduled talks will be introduced to the plenary in an extremely quick way (= within one minute per paper, as the name says). This gives you the opportunity (a) to decide whether you are interested in listening later to the full presentation; at the same time you (b) may rate the quality of the speaker which eventually will be aggregated towards an audience voting for the “Best OMM Presentation Award” conferred at the end of the OMM session.

Based on your input from this “instinct rating”, in the course of the conference YuCCa will compile an agenda proposal for you and thus guide you to those technical sessions which are of highest interest to you. Of course, you will also be able to mark important talks explicitly, to view speaker and presentation details, and to receive or download all sorts of conference material, conference-related content and/or notifications. Moverover, to support your individual social networking at the conference, YuCCa features a conference chatroom. 

Based on YuCCa’s multi-conference support, also the subsequent IoP-Workshop on May 20, 2016, is supported through YuCCa and offers the same features.

Free download of YuCCa…

…for iPhones & iPads at the Apple AppStore:

…for Android Phones & Tablets at Google Play:

A short demonstration of the key app features will be provided during the “Countdown” session immediately before the opening of the main conference (May 17, 2016, at around 08:45am HS1). Looking forward to welcome you there!!

If you need any further information in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us at networking2016@lists.univie.ac.at.

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