2nd International Workshop on Mobile and Wireless Networks Security (MWNS'09)

In the following you can find information about the workshop MWNS 2009 and also information about the keynote speakers. For MWNS 2009 there are three keynote speakers.

Keynote: Hannes Tschofenig

Hannes Tschofenig
Friday, 15 May
Mobility and Security: The Tussles Continue
Hannes Tschofenig plans to go through the different stages of work on mobility and security, and to highlight what lessons have been learned so far. Then, he will talk about the current state of the art from a standardization and deployment point of view. Finally, he will conclude with an outlook where he believes things are heading.
About the speaker:
Hannes Tschofenig is an active fellow at the IETF. He is Senior Standardization Specialist at Nokia Siemens Networks in Finland.

Keynote: Christoph Sorge

Christoph Sorge
Friday, 15 May
Privacy and Data Protection in the Internet of Things
About the speaker:
Christoph Sorge received his diploma degree (master equivalent) in Information Engineering and Management from Universität Karlsruhe (TH) in 2004. He then received a scholarship as a member of the interdisciplinary Graduate School on Information Management and Market Engineering at the same university. He also worked as a researcher at the Institute of Telematics and contributed to the institute's teaching activities. Christoph finished his thesis dealing with legal and technical aspects of self-organizing, distributed recommender systems, and received his doctoral degree in 2007. He joined NEC Laboratories Europe in January, 2008. There, he has contributed to the security work in the European research project SENSEI, which deals with the integration of sensor-based services and other real-world information into the Future Internet. Christoph's research interests include network security and privacy, both from a technical and a legal perspective.

Keynote: Hans-Joachim Hof

Hans-Joachim Hof
Friday, 15 May
Secure Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Use
About the speaker:
Hans-Joachim Hof is a research scientist at Siemens AG, Corporate Technology in Munich, Germany. His research interests include sensor networks, future internet, and network security. Hans-Joachim received his doctoral degree from University of Karlsruhe in 2007. From 2003 to 2007, he was a research assistant at University of Karlsruhe, Institute of Telematics. In 2002, Hans-Joachim graduated at University of Karlsruhe in computer science (Dipl.-Inform., M.Sc. equivalent). During his studies, Hans-Joachim worked for SAP in Palo Alto, USA. More information about Hans-Joachim’s research can be found on his homepage.

Technical Programme

08:30-08:45 - Welcome

08:45-10:00 - Keynote Talk

  • Mobility and Security: The Tussles Continue
    Hannes Tschofenig, Senior Researcher, Nokia Siemens Networks

10:00-10:15 - Coffee Break

10:15-11:30 - Keynote Talk

  • Privacy and Data Protection in the Internet of Things
    Christoph Sorge, NEC Laboratories Europe

11:30-12:30 - Session 1

  • Protocols for Distributed AAA Framework in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks PDF
    Sondes Larafa and Maryline Maknavicius
  • Towards A General System for Secure Device Pairing by Demonstration of Physical Proximity PDF
    Yasir Arfat Malkani, Dan Chalmers, Ian Wakeman and Lachhman Das Dhomeja

12:30-13:30 - Lunch Break

13:30-14:45 - Keynote Talk

  • Secure Wireless Sensor Networks for Industrial Use
    Hans-Joachim Hof, Siemens AG

14:45-15:45 - Session 2

  • On AAA Framework in Opportunistic Ad-Hoc Networks: OLSR usecase PDF
    Willy Jimerez and Hakima Chaouchi
  • Handling Security Vulnerabilities in Clustered Wireless Mesh Networks PDF
    Sadeq Ali Makram and Fahad Samad

15:45-16:00 - Coffee Break

16:00-17:30 - Session 3

  • Providing Identity Assured User Generated Services Using IMS PDF
    Seppo Heikkinen
  • Secure communications between multi-capacity devices with authentication support by network operators PDF
    Jean-Philippe Wary and Maryline Laurent-Maknavicius
  • Protecting Receiver Privacy in Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks PDF
    Edith C.-H. Ngai and Brittle K.-H. Tsoi

17:30-17:45 - Wrap up