General guidelines for the final manuscript of the full paper (Full Paper acceptance)

  1. Follow the IEEE two-column page format, which is available at
  2. The final manuscript is limited to 9 pages in PDF format.
  3. Footers shall follow the IEEE format specifications as their template does use them, but do NOT put page numbers on the final PDF manuscript.
  4. Include the IFIP copyright notice on the first page, especially at the bottom of the first column as “ISBN 978-3-903176-48-5© 2022 IFIP”.
  5. Use IEEE PDF eXpress to check Xplore-compatibility, the IFIP Networking 2022 account uses as the conference ID: 55013X
  6. Complete the IFIP copyright form (available here) with your paper details and your signature.
  7. Upload the PDF eXpress-passed compliant camera-ready copy of your paper and  the signed and scanned PDF of the IFIP copyright form to EDAS
  8. Create a zip file containing all the above material as well as the paper sources and its pictures as JPG, png, or EPS and upload it to the link provided to you by email