IFIP Networking 2022 will take place in the auditorium ("Aula Magna") of the "Didattica" building (Number 14) at the "Cittadella" of the University of Catania. This is located in Via Sofia 64, Catania.

Cittadella is at walking distance from the Catania downtown. 

Anyhow, moving in Catania is easy and can be fun. Several options are available:


Catania is served by the Fontanarossa International Airport which is only a few miles away from the city center.

Buses leave the airport every 25 minutes to reach the city center and the train station (https://www.amts.ct.it/mappa-delle-linee?percorso=ALIBUS). Buses are available from 05:00 until midnight. This bus transport is provided by the AMT ‘Alibus’ service.

Take note that all bus tickets, once used, should be validated, or stamped. This is usually done by the validating machines near the entrance of the bus. The machine will put a stamp and a date on your ticket to show that it has been used. Passengers of the bus must validate their own tickets, as they are not validated by the driver of the bus.