Camera Ready Instructions

    General guidelines for the final manuscript of the paper

    1. Follow the IEEE two-column page format, which is available at
    2. The following page limits apply depending on the type of manuscript:
      • Full Paper: 9 pages in PDF format or 10 if an extra page is requested
      • Recent Results paper: 6 pages in PDF format or 7 if an extra page is requested
      • Workshop paper: 6 pages in PDF format or 7 if an extra page is requested
      • Demo/Poster paper: 3 pages in PDF format
    3. Footers shall follow the IEEE format specifications as their template does use them, but do NOT put page numbers on the final PDF manuscript.
    4. Include the IFIP copyright notice on the first page, especially at the bottom of the first column as "ISBN 978-3-903176-63-8 © 2024 IFIP".
    5. Use IEEE PDF eXpress to check Xplore-compatibility, the IFIP Networking 2024 account uses as the conference ID: 62109X
      • First-time IEEE PDF eXpress® users
        1. click "New Users - Click Here"
        2. Use this conference ID: 62109X
        3. Your email address
        4. A password
        5. Continue to enter information as prompted
        6. An online confirmation will be sent verifying your email address and account setup.
      • Previous users of PDF eXpress®
        1. need to follow the above steps, but should enter the same credentials that were used for previous conferences
        2. Use this conference ID: 62109X
        3. You will be asked to verify your contact information.
      • Use PDF eXpress® to check or create your PDF file:
        1. Click "Create New Title"
        2. Enter the paper title
        3. Click "Submit File for Checking or Converting"
        4. Click "Choose File" and select the PDF or source file
        5. Click "Upload File"
        6. A screen will show the result of your file upload, and you will also receive a confirmation email
        7. The result of your file's compatibility will be emailed to you.
    6. Complete the IFIP copyright form (available here) with your paper details and your signature. 7. Send the signed and scanned PDF of the IFIP copyright form
      to our Publication Chair Dimitrios Vergados (dvergados AT having the subject to your message "IFIP Networking 2024 - Copyright".
    7. Upload to EDAS the final versions of the PDF eXpress-passed compliant camera-ready copy of your paper.